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Kathy's Blog: Love Is The Reason

Shasta Retreat: June 25-28, 2020

Retreat Fee
Housing & Meals
Cancellation Policy

The 2020 Heart Opening Retreat in Mount Shasta is CANCELLED due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nourish your spirit, relax your mind and body, as you rest into the stillness and peace of your being

You are invited to majestic Mt. Shasta to come and return to the stillness and peace of your own true nature.This retreat will inspire the deepest heart opening, will support you in resting from the mind’s endless activity, and will invite you to discover more deeply your true nature as love, peace and well being.

There will be beautiful and deeply conscious music woven throughout the retreat, chanting, meditation, self-reflection practices, body movement, dharma discussions, a concert, lots of time in nature, and time to enjoy the wonderful mineral baths and healing facilities available at the retreat center.

The retreat is facilitated by presenter/performing artist Kathy Zavada. She will skillfully lead participants into:

  • Truthful and Heartfelt Communication Practices
  • Meditation in Motion - Mindfulness Practices
  • Heart-centered Chanting & Uplifting Music
  • Deep Silent & Guided Group Meditations
  • Communion & Reflecting in Nature
  • Deepening Spiritual Practices
  • The practice of Yoga
  • Dharma Discussions

What people are saying...

“Kathy’s Heart Opening Retreat was life-transforming. I will always remember the love, intimacy, bonding and safety that was present. She is the perfect person to facilitate a retreat such as this...”
2010 Mt. Shasta Retreat participant, J. Pinckney    

Stewart Mineral Springs is located near Mt. Shasta in Weed, sheltered in a pine forest and above cold-water springs that Native Americans have valued for their healing powers. Participants can soak in the hot springs, swim in the crystal clear creek, and enjoy the lovely wood-fired sauna.
More information: Stewart Mineral Springs Resort

Housing at Stewart Mineral Springs includes your choice of cabins, apartments on the creek, a dorm style motel, tee pees, camping and RV parking. There is a restaurant and juice bar. Most housing options include a kitchenette.

Contact Stewart Mineral Springs Resort at (530) 938-2222 directly to make your lodging and meal arrangements. Be certain to register for the retreat first and then inform Stewart Springs that you are with the Kathy Zavada Retreat. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation letter confirming your registration with more details.

What people are saying...

“I have come to know that these Retreats with Kathy will consistently take me to that place where there is love, opening, vulnerability and support for release and God’s blessings and God’s ecstasy and humility in feeling it all, sometimes all together. What could be sweeter?”
2010 Mt. Shasta Retreat participant, S. Pope    


The retreat fee of $345 is payable in full 40 days in advance; regular registration is $395. This fee does not include housing or meals; contact Stewart Mineral Springs directly to select from a variety of housing arrangements.
More information: Stewart Mineral Springs Resort

What people are saying...

“My heart broke open with Kathy’s music, group chanting, sharing, hugs and fun. I felt such peace in my mind, body and spirit. The person who left the retreat was transformed from the one who first arrived. I felt supported and embraced in love throughout the entire retreat.”
2010 Mt. Shasta Retreat participant, M. Peters    

After registering, you’ll receive an email confirming your registration with more details.

Retreat begins after dinner on Thursday and ends around noon on Sunday.

Due to limited space and because we expect to sellout, if you cancel your reservation more than 40 days in advance of the date of the retreat, your registration fee will be refunded less a $150 cancellation fee to cover administrative costs. If you cancel fewer than 40 days from the retreat date, the full fee is non-refundable. You may apply your fee to other upcoming retreats with Kathy Zavada within a year if you choose.

“Oh, these vast, calm, measureless mountain days; days in whose light everything seems equally divine, opening a thousand windows to show us God. Nevermore, however weary, should one faint by the way who gains the blessings of one mountain day; whatever his fate, long life, short life, stormy or calm, he is rich forever.”
— John Muir                
Mount Shasta with snow



“The great state of yoga is experienced in that mind which has ceased to identify itself with its fluctuating waves of perception. When this happens, the seer is revealed resting in its own essential nature and one realizes the true self.”
· · ·

“Develop a mind that is vast like the water, where experiences both pleasant and unpleasant can appear and disappear without conflict, struggle, or harm. Rest in a mind like vast water.”
· · ·

“We can make flowers out of arrows. Every time you smile away your irritation and anger, you achieve a victory for yourself and for humanity.”
· · ·
Tich Nhat Hanh

“If you let go a little, you have a little happiness; if you let go a lot, you have a lot of happiness; if you let go completely, you will be free.”
· · ·
Ajahn Chah
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