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Kathy's Blog: Love Is The Reason


Songs of the Untethered Soul


An inspirational collaboration with best-selling author Michael Singer! Songs of the Untethered Soul expresses our inner longing to be free and the journey toward the awakening of consciousness. Michael Singer, composer and author of The Untethered Soul, is joined by vocalist Kathy Zavada to present eight inspirational selections meant to still the mind, open the heart, and welcome us into the arms of the Beloved.

Songs of the Untethered Soul CD cover

Kathy's Complete Chant Collection
Now available at a special price: $44.98
Kathy’s Complete Chant Collection

This 3-CD set offers hours of beautiful, devotional chanting ideal for meditation and includes In Love Divine, Journey Home, and Kathy’s 2013 release, Chants To Awaken. Journey Home was voted by in the top 10 best World Music CD’s. One reviewer states “listening to Kathy’s chant CD from beginning to end is like receiving a sacred sonic soul massage.”

Kathy's Favorites Collection
Now available at a special price: $44.98
Kathy’s Favorites Collection

These are Kathy’s favorite CD’s: I’m Right Here, Return to Love, and her 2010 release, One Incredible Life. This collection offers a variety of styles including devotional and heart-opening, Kathy’s fun jazz/gospel piano style, folk, and some chants. One reviewer says that “Kathy’s ability to weave music and lyrics never ceases to both amaze and delight...Kathy performs this feat with a seemingly endless fountain of creativity; her warm, sweet voice exquisitely matched by her delicious piano work.”

Chants to Awaken
This collection of beautiful and inspiring chants brings peace, healing and expansive consciousness in the form of sacred music. Each song resonates as the prayer of every heart. One feels awake to the deepest truth and widest peace upon listening, and it’s a joy to sing along!

Chants to Awaken CD cover

  Song List:

  • Peace On Earth
  • Mother Of All Things
  • Take Me Home
  • Who Lights The Stars
  • In The Light
  • Song Of St. Francis
  • Let Go, Let God
  • Love Is All Around You
  • All I Ask Of You
New Age Retailer: One Incredible Life
by Bill Binkelman

One Incredible Life
This CD features her deeply inspired and insightful song-writing, her silky-smooth and soulful voice, her masterful piano playing and some fabulous guest artists such as Roman Morykit, from Gypsy Soul. The songs express deep reflections from an expanded consciousness, as well as a feeling of glorious celebration in gratitude for life.

One Incredible Life CD cover

  Song List:

  • I Believe In You
  • Song For My Father
  • All Things Are Possible (Listen)
  • Amma’s Song
  • May All Beings Be At Peace
Drunk With Wonder Reviews: One Incredible Life
by Steve Ryals

New Age Retailer: One Incredible Life
by Bill Binkelman

Return To Love
"This music is very positive and uplifting in it's message; you just feel better after listening to it," says Zavada. "I wanted to make a CD that reflects what really matters. The themes vary from love, to how we can create a better world, to an anthem to our Earth, to more personal experiences, like letting go instead of holding on and suffering...and returning to peace even when you feel like life can't get any harder."

Return To Love CD cover

  Song List:

  • Love Is (Listen)
  • Love Will Prevail
  • One With It All (Listen)
  • Return To Love
  • A New Reality
  • Remind Me Of Eternity
  • Love Is The Face Of God
  • Love Is My Religion (Listen)
  • Ode To Mother Earth
  • Send Your Love
  • Paint My Life
  • There's A Letting Go (Listen)

Journey Home
Take a journey home, to where the heart is, with these enchantingly beautiful and powerful chants. Kathy sings an exquisitely pure and soulful voice full of devotion, in Sanskrit and English, in a call and response style. Gorgeous instrumentation includes piano, flute, tablas, keyboards, percussions, bass and rich vocal arrangements. Sure to inspire you to sing along, dance, relax, meditate, drive peacefully, and generally feel inspired.

  Song List:

  • Soham Soham
  • Om Nama Shivaya
  • Find Yourself

Journey Home CD cover

I’m Right Here
I'm Right Here is an exquisitely beautiful, deep and intimate collection of 10 songs, from the joyful and upbeat, even danceable "Oh My Lord" to the poignant and personal "Hold Me". This album was co-produced by Steve Wood (Kenny Loggins music director) and the resulting production values are superb. Sax, guitar, tablas, flute, organ, bass and percussion contribute richly to this heart-warming joy of an album. Kathy's voice is stunning and as pure as the love in her heart, and her piano work compliments her poetic and moving songs with grace and beauty. Highly recommended!

I'm Right Here CD cover

  Song List:

  • Oh My Lord
  • Hold Me
  • My Angel
  • Blissful Stillness

Trust There Is Love
A beautiful, deeply inspiring collection of songs expressing the heart's deepest longing, an uplifting message of hope, of discovering God within, of experiencing the miracle of Grace in one's life. Along with the pure quality of Zavada's soul stirring vocals and piano there are outstanding guest artists on percussion, sax, cello, and other various instruments.

Trust There Is Love CD cover

  Song List:

  • Miracle Of Grace (Listen-RealPlayer)
  • I Would Give My Life
  • Wake Me Up Lord
  • Mata Amritanandamayi
  • Trust There Is Love
  • Gratitude
  • Timeless
  • Deep In My Heart

An exceptional release combining Kathy's stunningly clear, pure, beautiful voice and her masterful piano playing, with deeply inspired lyrics. Each cut is full of devotion and compassion, expressing a depth of understanding which transcends social consciousness. Additional instrumentation includes violin, percussion, guitar tablas, keyboards, bass and lush vocal arrangements.

Union CD cover

  Song List:

  • God Is
  • Song Of Joyous Life
  • Forgiveness
  • Grace Of The Mother

Mother’s Song
A loving collection of nurturing songs to/from the Mother of us all, sung with soulful depth and simplicity. Kathy's lovely lyrics and voice invoke the sweetness and healing embrace for which we all long. An aura of peace and spaciousness pervades these gentle songs to the Mother of Creation, with sparkling accompaniments on piano, keyboards, strings, and electro-acoustic harp. Best Seller!


  Song List:

  • Mother's Song
  • Little One
  • One Life
  • Child Of The Mother
  • You Are So Beautiful
  • All Is Well
  • Love Will Sustain You
  • Serve The Mother

In Love Divine
Features eight songs/chants of devotion and inspiration with lush, passionate vocal arrangements, masterful piano, wood flute and percussion. These chants are excellent to chant along with and delve deeper into the spiritual experience of listening to Kathy's Music!

In Love Devine CD cover

  Song List:

  • Divine Mother
  • Love, Serve And Remember
  • Holy Mother
  • Humble Yourself
  • Love Is In My Heart Today
  • I And My Father Are One
  • Here With My Family
  • Rejoice, Dance And Sing

Heart Space
Heart Space is Kathy's first release. The songs reflect a deeper awakening to spiritual life and values, the spiritualizing of relationship and prayers for Remembrance. Lots of vocal harmonies and masterful piano playing on this release.

(Cassette Only)

Heart Space CD cover

  Song List:

  • In That Quiet Place Inside
  • There Is No Separation
  • Truest Love
  • Spirit Essence
  • Not This Time Around
  • Don't Forget About Love
  • Sincerity
  • Dancing In The God We Are
  • Heart Spaces


“You put 150% of your feelings into your singing and playing — so the depth of it reached me fully, opening me up and touching me deeply. It was transformative!”
· · ·
M. Peters

“Do not ignore the effect of each wise action saying, ‘This will come to nothing.’ Just as by the gradual fall of raindrops the water jar is filled, so in time the wise become replete with good.”
· · ·
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