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Maui Heart Opening Retreat: January 15-19, 2014
Kathy's Blog: Love Is The Reason


Just Added: A Day Of Retreat With Kathy Zavada
Saturday, April 16   •   Lake Tahoe, CA

Due to requests for programs in the Pacific Northwest, Kathy will be offering an all day retreat in Lake Tahoe, CA.

  • The morning begins with guided and silent meditation and chanting as a heart opening spiritual practice.
  • The afternoon includes several workshops on transforming challenging situations and emotions, practicing self-love, developing more compassionate and effective communication skills, and walking meditation practice.
  • After dinner you’ll experience an inspiring concert to conclude the Day Retreat.

In this Day of Retreat you will:

  • experience chanting as a heart-opening spiritual practice
  • deepen and enrich your meditation practice
  • participate in a workshop on identifying schemas or emotional patterns and learn to re-create coping strategies that are evolved and healthy
  • learn skillful practices to transform difficult emotions
  • be supported in feeling connected to divine presence & love
  • enjoy a walking meditation on the shores of Lake Tahoe
  • enjoy an intimate Kathy Zavada concert to conclude the day

Kathy’s Talk at SLC
Watch video of Kathy Zavada speaking on "Being Free" at Spiritual Life Center, Sacramento, CA, August 2nd, 2015.

The original video is available at Vimeo.

Shasta Retreat with Kathy Zavada!
July 21st - 24th, 2016

Shasta Retreat: July 20-24, 2016
Nourish your spirit, relax your mind and body, as you rest into the stillness and peace of your being

You are invited to majestic Mt. Shasta to come and return to the stillness and peace of your own true nature.This retreat will inspire the deepest heart opening, will support you in resting from the mind’s endless activity, and will invite you to discover more deeply your true nature as love, peace and well being.

An inspirational collaboration with best-selling author Michael Singer! Songs of the Untethered Soul Songs of the Untethered Soul CD cover expresses our inner longing to be free and the journey toward the awakening of consciousness. Michael Singer, composer and author of The Untethered Soul, is joined by vocalist/ recording artist/ producer Kathy Zavada to present eight inspirational selections meant to still the mind, open the heart, and welcome us into the arms of the Beloved.

To order, send $16.98 per each CD (add $4.00 s&h, check or money order) to Kathy Zavada, P.O.Box 531, Mt. Shasta, CA 96067 or order through Paypal. Outside US, add $12 s&h.

Kathy’s long awaited NEW chanting CD, CHANTS TO AWAKEN, is here!
Chants to Awaken CD coverThis collection of beautiful and inspiring chants brings peace, healing and expansive consciousness in the form of sacred music. Each song resonates as the prayer of every heart. One feels awake to the deepest truth and widest peace upon listening, and it’s a joy to sing along!

To order send $16.98 per each CD (add $4.00 s&h, check or money order) to Kathy Zavada, P.O.Box 531, Mt. Shasta, CA 96067 or order through Paypal. Outside US, add $12 s&h.

Kathy’s Radio Interview Internet Radio
Listen to a wonderful and insightful 1/2-hour radio interview from August 31st, 2012 on blog talk radio with Kathy about her new CD, her retreat experience, her Interfaith Ministry, and thoughts about living in the right brain.

Mount ShastaKathy’s 2016 Tour Schedule:

July 17th – Santa Rosa, CA
Guest Musician
Santa Rosa Center for Spiritual Living
8:00AM, 10:00AM, 11:30AM

July 21st-24th
Mt. Shasta Retreat with Kathy Zavada
Stewart Mineral Springs
for more info and to register:

August 7th San Jose, CA
All Music at 9 & 11AM Service
Center for Spiritual Enlightenment
1146 University Ave.
for more info:

August 21st Bend, OR
Guest Speaker/Music/Workshop
Unity Community of Bend
10AM Service/Workshop to follow


“So many thanks to Kathy Zavada for her visit to our church yesterday. We listened, sang, danced, laughed, and yes, cried. ‘Tears are the diamonds of the heart,’ she said. Kathy’s love of the world is evident in her music. Sharing with us was her gift to so many in our church and we are truly blessed to know her.”
· · ·
Unity of Oroville


“I’m listening to your music as I do my work and love what your music does for my soul. It is such a joy to have been exposed to your music, creativity, and spiritual gift. Thank you for uplifting me at a time I really need it!”
· · ·
Cristina Seaborn


“Kathy Zavada’s divine, exquisite music can open a locked heart, awaken a sleeping spirit and transform a wayward soul”
· · ·
Brad Fay
Program Director PBS

“You can only feel love by expressing it.”
· · ·

“Realizing God is nothing but the ability — the expansiveness of heart — to love everything equally.”
· · ·

“The secret of human freedom is to act well, without attachment to the results.”
· · ·
Bhagavad Gita
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